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The McCue Family

Alaska Seaplane Tours invites you to fly the Misty Fjords with our family and experience the beauty of our home, Ketchikan, Alaska and the Misty Fjord National Monument!

We are a small family air service that is dedicated to quality Alaska Bear Viewing and unforgettable Seaplane Tours.

We are proud to say that Alaska Seaplane Tours has a Perfect Flight Safety Record and our aircraft are maintained above FAA commercial maintenance standards.

Come Explore Alaska with Us!


“I’ve been on many Sightseeing Adventure Tours through-out my travels, but there is no equal to this one!”
Nicole Wright, Phoenix, AZ

RdM Pilot/Guide operates under permits from the United States Forest Service and is an equal opportunity service provider.

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Misty Fjords

We proudly offer Misty Fjords seaplane tours in Ketchikan. View Alaska the way it was meant to be seen, by seaplane!

Bear Viewing

It is our pleasure to offer the ultimate Bear Viewing experience throughout this amazing Coastal Habitat!

Glacier Viewing

Hidden beyond the coastal rainforest and deep within the Misty Fjords lies the Alaska Glacier… this tour will take you through the National Monument and north to the Alaska Glacier.

Flyout Fishing

Fish the Tongass National Forest in one of our many remote wilderness lakes that team with your choice of Cutthroat trout, Dolly Varden, Rainbow trout, Arctic Greyling, and early or late season Steelhead runs.

Lake Tours

Our Air Charter Service will take you to any of the remote US Forest Service Lake Cabins. We are the only complete outfitter in Ketchikan and can supply you with all the gear you need.

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