Yes. We do offer tours at discounted rates for veterans, large groups, and return patrons. Tour prices can be reduced by 10% for group reservations of six or more guests, if made in advance. We also welcome solo travelers.

Alaska Seaplane Tours is proud of our perfect flight safety record and the stellar experience we provide our guests. Our tour and safety standards are high, and both require specific weather conditions. FAA visibility/ceiling flight requirements are strictly observed. If weather on your tour date and time does not meet our ‘in flight minimums’ and we have to cancel your trip, your trip payment will be refunded in full.

In our specially designed DeHavilland Tour Seaplane, every guest has a great view from their own personal window seat.

You don’t! Our complimentary tour shuttle provides transportation to and from your cruise ship dock to our seaplane base. Most of our tours schedule an easy pick-up for you at the “rain gauge” at the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau, located on the cruise ship dock.

At Alaska Seaplane Tours, safety is our #1 priority. Our aircraft are maintained above FAA commercial maintenance standards. Our pilots have an intimate flying knowledge of much of Alaska’s most remote areas, and their experience and skill safely guide every trip.

Our DeHavilland Beaver Tour Seaplane was specially designed to make our tours unforgettable. All of our guests enjoy a tremendous view from their own window seat. Our seaplane is also equipped with a two-way intercom, so you can listen to Ryan’s narration and ask questions. A shiny new chrome prop spinner makes it the most beautiful seaplane on the waterfront. These are the planes that opened Alaska to pioneering; you are riding into history!

Bear viewing is not dangerous with our pilots. In the last 85 years, there have been 20 deaths documented in Alaska from bear attacks, 19 deaths from dog encounters, and 15 from lightning strikes. Our pilots are very knowledgeable in bear behavior, and they will safely guide you through this area and around our wildlife.

We commonly make reservations of this type with no problems. Our Seaplane Base in Ketchikan is only a five-minute shuttle in our courtesy van, and will give you plenty of time to make your seaplane connection. Alaska Seaplane Tours’ focus is to get you in the air; we accommodate any time challenges as best we can.

Our DeHavilland Beaver Tour Seaplane is the best choice for big folks. A surplus of engine power, aerodynamic lift, and plenty of leg room make our tour enjoyable for tall or full-sized patrons. Guests in excess of 350 lbs. will be charged an additional seat fare and are encouraged to book any tours with us in advance.

When flying with Ryan, the possibilities of seeing abundant wildlife are high. Please review our Wildlife Viewing Chart to see if the wildlife you’re searching for will be in our area at the time of your arrival. Ryan is a registered Alaskan Guide and places extra emphasis on wildlife viewing any time he is airborne. Click here for our Wildlife Gallery.

The conservative definition of a Fjord (spelled Fiord by the US Forest Service) is simply a long saltwater inlet surrounded by high mountainous terrain. Our glacier-carved Misty Fjords north of Ketchikan serve as a tribute to the unspoiled beauty of Alaska and represent the largest series of Fjords in North America.

Not all of our tours include a shoreline stop. Dependent on tour type and pilot’s discretion, some guests will enjoy the wild sights and sounds without even getting their feet muddy! Others are permitted to hike, touch, and feel Alaska’s wilderness. Whether from the float platform or shoreline, we recommend speaking softly when outside the airplane.

There is nothing more Alaskan than seaplanes, but after you fly with us… enjoy an exciting paddle in one of the small boats that were used to pioneer this part of the world, the kayak. Kayaking will bring you as close to the ocean and marine mammals as possible, and it’s also great exercise!

Our choice is

A private tour for your party can be arranged in advance for bookings of five or more guests. If your party is less than five, just pay for the extra seat or two and the trip is all yours! This is a great option for groups of four that would like to experience the wilds together as a family.

We have provisions in place to accommodate almost any situation. You will not miss your cruise ship if you fly with us. None of our guests have ever missed their port departure from Ketchikan and we don’t see this happening any time soon!

Please refer to our Wildlife Viewing Chart (located at the bottom of the Wildlife Gallery page) to check your month of arrival for the times salmon spawn and the presence of bears during our tours. If salmon are spawning in a watershed, there will be a chance that bear will be fishing for them. Our bear tours are your best opportunity to view bears in their natural habitat, eating salmon.

Ketchikan and the surrounding area is a very unique wilderness system. Flying from Ketchikan enables you to penetrate the largest roadless National Forest in North America: The Tongass National Forest. The Tongass is over 17.9 million acres of undisturbed wilderness, larger than the state of West Virginia. The heart of the Tongass is the Misty Fjord National Monument.

In our DeHavilland Beaver Tour Seaplane, every guest has a personal viewing window as well as wonderful headsets to speak with your pilot, each other, or listen to the pilot’s comments or your choice of music. Each headset place is equipped with your own push-to-talk button for clear communication. Our pilots encourage questions and enjoy interacting with guests, although there are times they are busy flying or talking to flight service and aren’t able to converse.

For details about each tour, please go to our Seaplane Tours page, and book your tour on our Book a Tour page.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Cancellations 14 days prior to your tour date are fully refundable, less a $25.00 processing or tour change fee.
  • Cancellations with less than 14 days notice,or no shows, are non-refundable.
  • Should Alaska Seaplane Tours need to cancel a trip due to poor weather conditions, or any other reason, your trip will be refunded in full.