Float, Soar, Hover…and Discover!

We offer the only all inclusive trip for Ketchikan cruise-ship visitors. Our tour company combines the most popular water and air tours in Ketchikan!

Save up to ten percent on these trips for adults and children for any trip combination that you choose!

The Ultimate Ketchikan Tour combines an ORCA Zodiac tour with a Ketchikan Helicopters OR an Alaska Seaplane tour!

Ultimate Ketchikan Tour Itinerary

  1. Prompt pick-up by courtesy shuttle. Enjoy a drive-through introduction of town on the way to our seaplane base. (10-12 minutes from the cruise berth)
  2. Take-off to the Misty Fjords in one of our Alaska Seaplane Tours for an unforgettable journey or “Ride the Goat” with Ketchikan Helicopters. (90 minutes)
  3. Then grab a life jacket and a Zodiac to captain your own boat through the historic Tongass Narrows on a renowned “Escape” Alaska Zodiac Tours experience. We’ll head to the beach and enjoy a snack and refreshments! (90 minutes)
  4. Gift Shop and courtesy return shuttle to your ship (10 minutes)


$430.00 per person ( two person minimum; solo travelers welcome)
Ultimate Ketchikan price includes a Zodiac Tour and your choice of a Seaplane or a Helicopter flight!

* Zodiac Guests must be 10 yrs or older

Trip Time: Approx. 3 hours (total experience duration)
All Tour times are estimated and may vary slightly according to wind, weather and wildlife viewing conditions. All final tour routes on pilot safety discretion

Tour Availability May 1st – October 5th

Our Company Tours

Ryan & Loren McCue are the owners and operators of 3 incredible tour companies in Ketchikan, Alaska. They love Alaska, have raised their family here and been in the tour business for over 15 years.

You can’t go wrong on a tour with the McCue Family. Join them and their dedicated team for the best day of your trip to Alaska!

Ketchikan Alaska Helicopter Tours

Ketchikan Helicopter Tours

Your solution to exploring Alaska! Our tours are designed with our cruise-ship visitors in mind. We’ll pick you up at the dock and get you back in plenty of time, so you can brag about how cool it was to hover beside an 800-foot waterfall!

No other vehicle provides a more incredible viewing experience than a Ketchikan Tour Helicopter. Flying out of Ketchikan, Alaska, we serve our patrons with the highest degree of modern technology and safety. Our professional pilots provide seasoned direction, deep knowledge of Alaskan wilderness and wildlife, and great delight in sharing the land they love.

There is no better platform from which to see Alaska,” says pilot Ryan McCue. “It’s an incredibly smooth ride, and it’s basically all window; it’s like being in an Imax movie, not just watching it.”

Click here to visit the Ketchikan Helicopter Tour page.

Alaska Zodiac Tours in Ketchikan Alaska

Alaska Zodiac Tours

Oceans remain the wildest places on the earth, providing the pathway to freedom from the hustle of our daily lives. Let our family share this authentic Alaskan experience with you: a Zodiac trip exploring part of Alaska’s Inside Passage leaving from our Ketchikan dock.

This two-hour trip will take you on a journey through the historic Tongass Narrows in your own personal watercraft. Your pilot, a long-time Alaskan resident, boater, and wilderness guide, will share naturalist knowledge and personal stories about the region and whatever sights you see. Inhale the fresh air, taste the true Alaska, and enjoy the escape.

This is an adventure/eco-tour for the spirited traveler! Rain, gusty winds, boat spray, and bumpy rides are very common. Though we can’t guarantee it, you’re likely to see marine mammals, migratory waterfowl, and Alaskan birds of prey. Whales, bears and eagle have all been seen from our rafts.

Click here to visit the Alaska Zodiac Tours page.

Alaska Seaplane Tours in Ketchikan Alaska

Alaska Seaplane Tours

Alaska Seaplane Tours invites you to fly the Misty Fjords with our family. Experience the beauty of our home, Ketchikan, Alaska, the magnificent Misty Fjord National Monument, and the Alaskan wilderness to a degree few every experience.

If you’re coming in on a cruise, we’ll pick you up and return you to the dock for your adventure. If you’re here for longer, we’ll help you plan a trip that meets your Alaskan vacation dreams.

We are a small family air service dedicated to giving you a thrilling experience of Alaskan wilderness. You’ll be flying in our beautiful, specially customized DeHavilland Beaver floatplane – the plane that made exploring and inhabiting Alaska possible. Experience the real Alaska, just the way the pioneers did!

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